Brace yourself! It's time to get rocked and ERRA are just the band to do it. The Birmingham, Ala., metalcore outfit are exclusively premiering their new video for 'Hybrid Earth' here at Loudwire and you'll want to crank this up.

This brutal clip is primarily a performance piece with a few shots of shadowy figures milling about the forest at night. And while a majority of the video is shot in shadows and darkness, the spotlight is right where it needs to be to highlight the band's performance prowess.

Frontman Garrison Lee belts the rough vocals with guttural intensity while guitarist Jesse Cash delivers the more melodic clean vocals and joins with fellow guitarist Alan Rigdon in showcasing some nimble fingers on some of the track's more trickier licks. And it should be noted that bassist Sean Price and drummer Alex Ballew power the song with some killer and definitely prominent low end.

'Hybrid Earth' is the new single off of ERRA's latest effort, 'Augment.' Speaking about the album, Cash says, "Nothing is taken away or watered down, only improved upon. A big message in the album is that experience and intuition is a greater tool for comprehending reality than rationalism or science. It centers around struggles that we (and most individuals) have faced throughout our lives and addresses many relatable subjects including the relationship between science and religion, death and loved ones, divorce and renewal of one's self."

If you like what you hear, ERRA are currently on the road with dates booked into mid-November. See their full itinerary here. ERRA's 'Augment' album is due Oct. 29 and the disc is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.