What if you could go back and change the past? That's essentially the vision for Escape the Fate's latest video for 'Picture Perfect.'

The band's members are shown at a funeral, both mourning the loss of a loved one and performing their single 'Picture Perfect' outside of a church. The musicians are primarily supporting players in the bigger story of a couple torn apart after the death of a young woman.

Frontman Craig Mabbitt sings about giving up his eyes and fingertips to see and touch the love of his life one last time, before reflecting with the powerful statement, "Would you have to die for me to see how to live?" As the sentiment kicks in, we see the events that led to this tragedy unfold in reverse order as the young man in the video attempts to go back in time to the events that led to the death of his girlfriend.

The clip is a pretty powerful take on the loss of a loved one, as the video leads the viewer backward in time from the coffin to the morgue to the operating table to the motorcycle crash that ultimately claimed the woman's life.

'Picture Perfect' is the latest single from the band's 'Ungrateful' album, which has already yielded the title track and 'One for the Money' as singles. 'Ungrateful' is available via iTunes.

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