Escape the Fate are making a statement in every sense of the word with their latest song, 'Ungrateful.' The track recently debuted, featuring the powerful lyrics, "With bleeding hands I fight for a life that's beat me down. Stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound." Now the heavy lyrical content of 'Ungrateful' has some emotionally compelling visuals to go along with it.

The band teamed with director Frankie Nasso to create the gut-wrenching clip, which documents the vicious cycle of violence. The video opens with a warning urging that it contains content that might not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18 and it doesn't hold back. The clip opens with a young boy tormented by an older teen bully in the hallways of his school, dragged into the boy's restroom where he's beaten bloody and left unconscious.

However, that's only the beginning of the story as the bully returns home and it's revealed that he too has bruises on his body that have come courtesy of his father, who has taken a belt to the teen in a major lashing. The father is then shown at work where he is goaded by his co-workers into a fight completing the circle, and showing that violence often begets violence.

While the clip itself definitely evokes a reaction, the point becomes all too real as the video ends with the simple message, "Violence is a vicious cycle that has taken many lives…." That's followed with the photos of six actual teens that were taken to soon as a result of violence and bullying. The clip concludes with the statement, "End the cycle now."

'Ungrateful' is the lead single from Escape the Fate's album of the same name. The disc drops in stores May 14 and fans can pre-order the effort here.

Watch Escape the Fate's 'Ungrateful' Video

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