Today (March 4) marks 10 years since the release of Evanescence’s landmark debut disc ‘Fallen,’ and Wind-up Records is re-issuing the album on limited edition purple vinyl (seen on the left). Pre-ordering is currently under way, with a May 21 ship date on the colorful anniversary release.

It’s hard to imagine that a decade ago Evanescence burst onto the rock scene giving it a much needed shot of adrenaline with their first single ‘Bring Me To Life,’ which shot to fame thanks to its inclusion on the soundtrack of ‘Daredevil.’ Luckily for Evanescence though, the song left more of a lasting impression than the movie.

‘Fallen’ would go on to spawn four singles for the fledgling band and would become their most successful disc to date. Selling more than a whopping 7 million copies in the U.S., tracks like ‘Going Under,’ ‘My Immortal,’ and Everybody’s Fool’ helped Evanescence earn Grammys that year for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance.

Even amidst some inner turmoil and lineup changes, Amy Lee and Evanescence have gone on to release two more full-length discs since ‘Fallen.' Neither have reached quite the sales heights of 'Fallen,' but have still kept Evanescence among one of rock's hottest commodities.

In honor of Evanescence's landmark debut album, Loudwire is asking fans to weigh in on their favorite song from the disc in our latest readers poll. Billboard is also celebrating the anniversary with a track by track commentary on the disc.


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