Evanescence aren't exactly known for having songs about sunshine and rainbows, but Amy Lee says that's because if we can't face the darkness we experience in life, then we're living a lie.

During a conversation with the Hardcore Humanism podcast, Lee explained how the deaths of her two siblings have manifested in her psyche, and taught her how to survive extremely difficult times. The singer's younger sister Bonnie died at the age of 3, when Lee was just 6, and her younger brother Robby died in 2018 due to complications from epilepsy.

"To me, going through that, surviving that, being able to continue on and find a way to make your life make sense afterward, that's really what I'm talking about," the vocalist said. "It's not that I like spooky things and darkness because it's fun to play with danger. It's that the time that I feel the most afraid or alone or whatever in my life is when it's like it didn't happen. It's like the world just went on living like nothing ever went wrong."

"I remember sometimes feeling really weird on beautiful, sunny days when I was a kid, because I felt like it should always be raining when I was grieving my sister," she continued, adding that she's afraid that she'll forget about the losses, but that being able to talk about her grief is what helps get her through them.

Thus, her pain seeped its way into her songs, but it's been cathartic for her, and she explained that seeing her music resonate with her fans has been even more rewarding.

"I think it's important to face the darkness, because it's real — it's really there — and if we can't face it, then we're just living a lie and letting that stuff bubble under the surface," she affirmed.

Listen to the full episode below.

Evanescence's Amy Lee - Hardcore Humanism Podcast

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