The events of this past week's impeachment vote on President Donald Trump have stirred up a lot of emotion on both sides of the political aisle. In the aftermath, there are a lot of people voicing their opinions, including some who normally keep quiet on political issues. In this case, Evanescence's Amy Lee has been moved to speak up, but urging for a union between the two major parties in a search for truth in the service of our freedom.

"I have never spoken publicly about my political views," says Lee, opening her posting. "I can respect things I don't agree with and I have always wanted my music to be a free place where people of all beliefs, all colors, all genders can come together and have something in common."

That said, Lee was disturbed by what she's seen recently and felt moved to speak up, especially when she feels that the country's freedom is at stake.

She states, "It isn't about one story, one side or one party vs. another. It is simply about right and wrong, what is acceptable and what's not. This isn't good enough for me and it isn't good enough for any of us. We deserve better. I do not accept lying, cheating or bullying from my government."

Lee goes on to say, "I've always had the privilege of believing in the shelter of my country, and the idea that nobody inside the White House would abuse their power. We have the greater power as a nation to stand up and say no. It's our country and we can't let a few greedy suits steal it from us."

The singer then offers a plea: "Republicans and Democrats, we are not enemies. We have been intentionally divided so we can be conquered. We are ALL being manipulated and used and the only way to save ourselves is to break the boundaries of partisanship and band together to fight for truth. We must seek the truth for ourselves."

Lee begs, "Don't trust someone on TV because they are in power. Bad people come into power all the time and if lying is allowed, they'll tell you whatever you want to hear. Liars will always try to make something simple confusing."

The Evanescence vocalist concludes, "Here's an easy one: Anyone who refuses to hear witnesses speak is clearly not seeking the truth. Accepting this abuse says it's okay for our leaders to lie to us, cheat on us, make decisions without our input and silence us when we try to speak up. This isn't about your policies or beliefs, it's about our freedom."

See the full post below:

Lee finishes her post with the following request: "Think for yourself. Seek the truth. Use your voice," with a link to a voting registration site.

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