Back in December, Evanescence filmed the video for ‘My Heart is Broken’ with director Dean Karr and now the day has come for fans to check out the final product with the official video premiere today.

Amy Lee talked about the concept for the video, saying it was inspired by by a film called ‘Paperhouse.’ The British flick is based around a girl with the fantastical powers of bringing things to life by drawing them, power that she pays a high price for in the end.

In the video, we see this concept come to life as Lee plays the role of the girl who holds all the power in her hands yet feels seemingly all alone. The stunning visual effects mix fiber optics and illusions of the eye to create a breathtaking vision of light meets dark.

Lee, already an ethereal beauty, plays the dramatic role perfectly, decked out from head to toe in beautifully crafted gothic gowns, magically fusing the two worlds between her and the rest of the band.

The final product is a fantasy infused tale set perfectly to the soundtrack of the second single from the band’s latest self-titled release.

Watch the New Evanescence Video for 'My Heart Is Broken'