Evanescence took up shop in Los Angeles back in December with director Dean Karr to film the new video for ‘My Heart is Broken,' the second single off of their latest self-titled release. The full-length video won't debut until later this month, but the band is giving fans a sneak peek with a trailer for the video.

When making the video, Amy Lee told MTV that creatively they drew inspiration from an old British film called ‘Paperhouse.’ The movie featured a girl who had the ability to bring things to life simply by drawing them, creating a seemingly ideal world that eventually turns into a nightmare.

To bring this concept to the video, the band reportedly dabbled with fiber optics and got creative. Judging from the clip below, the video is going to be a visual stunner, but fans will have to wait until Jan. 24 to see the final product.

Evanescence recently ran away with some top honors in our 2011 Loudwire Music Awards and it looks like 2012 is shaping up to be just as prosperous for them!

Watch the Evanescence Teaser for 'My Heart Is Broken'