Evanescence will begin recording a new album early next year, according to lead singer Amy Lee. Ahead of the outfit's canceled Knotfest Mexico performance Nov. 30, the musician revealed the band's studio plans for 2020. Evanescence last released Synthesis in 2017 and a self-titled effort in 2011.

Asked by Summa Inferno what's next for Evanescence, Lee spilled the beans to the rock and metal outlet — watch the interview toward the bottom of this post. The chat took place preceding what was to be the group's Saturday night set at Mexico City's Knotfest Meets Forcefest late last month. Unfortunately, safety issues caused the cancellation, and a group of riotous fans subsequently set fire to Evanescence's equipment onstage.

"[We're] working on our new album — yay! — for the first time in a long time," the singer responded. "We've been just getting together for a little — we call it band camp — little writing camps for a few days and we just work on new music. We've got some really cool songs going right now."

Lee continued, "So I'm excited, I think it sounds awesome. We're going in the studio sometime in the beginning of next year to start some of it. We're not going to do it all at once; we're going to just, like, go as we go kind of thing. So, yeah, there should be new music to hear pretty soon."

During a Reddit AMA session last month, the singer described the upcoming album as "dark and heavy" when a listener inquired about details. Not only that, but the Evanescence frontwoman also compared the sound of the forthcoming effort to the band's 2006 sophomore album, The Open Door.

"I listen to our new music every day," Lee said. "I'm absolutely living in it. This is always the case for me, really, but I'm in the center of the zone right now, watching the picture take shape and swimming inside every new piece as it appears. I can't wait for you to hear it. It's dark and heavy. It's also got moments of weird and sparse. Little bit of everything. Definitely some Open Door vibes but not the same."

A few weeks ago, Evanescence unleashed a moody rendition of Fleetwood Mac song "The Chain."

Evanescence's Amy Lee Talks to Summa Inferno - Nov. 30, 2019

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