After preventing Five Finger Death Punch from entering into Loudwire’s Cage Match Hall of Fame several days ago, Evanescence are now in the same position by beating Pop Evil yesterday for their fourth win in a row. Can Evanescence fans help the band earn their fifth straight victory and entrance into the Cage Match Hall of Fame against their final challenger?

Papa Roach enter the competition with their single ‘No Matter What’ off of their album ‘Time for Annihilation.’ After co-headlining the Rock Allegiance Tour with Buckcherry, the band headed back into the studio at the beginning of this month to start work on their next album.

So, will Papa Roach win ‘No Matter What,’ or will Evanescence squash the Roach and head into Loudwire’s Cage Match Hall of Fame? Listen to both songs and vote for your favorite below:

Listen to Evanescence, 'What You Want'
Listen to Papa Roach, ‘No Matter What’


Rules of Cage Match:

There are no rules … except this one: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight cage matches, it is retired to the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. With so many great songs out there, we have to give other bands a chance!