Crowd surfing is one of the most time-honored traditions in heavy music. There's nothing quite like one person kneeling on the ground at a show, catapulting fans into the outstretched sea of arms in front of them as they get passed along to the stage with security wrangling them in before making it over the barrier and crashing onto the floor. It's even more fun when someone in the band does it (inherently combined with a stage dive!) and Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley got the royal treatment at a Texas show.

The band is in the midst of a tour supporting Taking Back Sunday and the fans in Dallas made Every Time I Die feel like every bit of the headliner, at least for a moment. Buckley posted a video of the crowd surfing action on Twitter (seen above) and the 45-second clip shows him already in the arms of the crowd. Evidently, this happened toward the end of Every Time I Die's set because as the footage expires, the band's stage volume fades and is replaced by house music... but Buckley has yet to be returned to the stage or even given a chance to get his feet on the ground!

Joking about the incident, the six-stringer commented, "I'm still up. They never put me down. I think I'm still somewhere in Texas. Help." Fortunately for fans it wasn't Andy Williams who dove into the audience as his hulking frame may have yielded a polar effect with fans' trembling arms struggling to support the six-stringer / novice wrestler.

Every Time I Die have been putting in a lot of time on the road as they continue to support last year's album, Low Teens, and their run with Taking Back Sunday will continue through Aug. 19. All remaining stops can be seen at this location.

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