Every Time I Die are readying the release of their eighth studio effort, Low Teens, and have released another single by way of a lyric video for "Glitches." The band is currently on Warped Tour and one of their stops saw guitarist and physical behemoth Andy Williams return to the wrestling ring for the first time since sustaining an injury in late March.

"Glitches," like a fair amount of Every Time I Die tracks, clocks in under three minutes. Going for the throat within the first moments, the song opens with a rapid drum fill straight into a series of rhythms that only see red. The tempos are shifted through quick rounds of chugs with brief pauses that only fuel the excitement.

Discussing the song, frontman Keith Buckley told Alternative Press, "I wrote what would eventually become the lyrics to 'Glitches' after the terrorist attack in Paris when it was revealed to me just how mentally unprepared I was to deal with tragedy of that caliber. All of my training in Transcendental Meditation went out the window. [I] was scared and uncertain and angry. The system of peace and patience I thought I had established disappeared and what remained was my old ugly self. I learned quickly that nothing can prepare you for an anomaly. For a glitch."

With the new record in sight, axeman Andy Williams has divided his attention between Every Time I Die and a professional wrestling career. After making his debut for Smash Wrestling in late March, he lost his first match and sustained an injury, tearing his meniscus. Making his first return to the ring since the event, Williams and Facade teamed up against Alex Daniels and Gregory Irons as part of Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Footage from the match, held in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on July 20 where Warped Tour also stopped that day, can be seen below from Williams' Twitter page. He falls victim to a double suplex, but recovers well, ripping his shirt off and setting up a double clothesline.

Low Teens will be out Sept. 23 on Epitaph. Pre-order your copy here and keep an eye out for the band on the remaining Warped Tour stops, all of which can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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