Every Time I Die's Andy Williams is one imposing guitarist. While many in the metal world would dread seeing the axeman in a wrestling ring, there's a different world of men who are completely unfazed by his hulking stature, welcoming a fight. One of those men is Smash Wrestling's Tarik, who faced off against the six-stringer turned wrestler in his professional debut.

The matchup between the two had been looming ever since Williams choke-slammed Tarik in June of 2015. The wrestler had interrupted Williams, who dealt with matters quickly and effectively. Going head to head last Sunday (March 20) at Smash Wrestling's Any Given Sunday 4, Williams had the chance to repeat his impressive handling of Tarik, but the outcome was not as favorable for the novice.

Dejected but determined to come back, he posted an image to his Instagram account (seen below) humbly accepting defeat and giving credit to his opponent. Smash Wrestling also took to Instagram (also below) to detail the fight, showing Williams lying on the ground as Tarik walked away smiling.

When asked about his wrestling fandom, Williams told us shortly after the choke-slamming incident mentioned above, "I’m training to be a pro wrestler. This wrestling federation in England hit me up and asked me to do some stuff for them over there. When we have time off, I’m going to try to go do some shows. It’s going to be rad."

Taking us back to his childhood, he shared, "When I was probably 10 years old, I got asked to do an art project where you take something out of a magazine and you paint over it and I chose a picture of Ric Flair stabbing Greg Valentine in the head and I still have the painting. My whole life I’ve been into pro wrestling."

Every Time I Die's last album, From Parts Unknown, was released in 2014. The album brought new singles "Thirst" and "Decayin' With the Boys" and ascended to No. 22 on the Billboard 200 charts.

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