Every Time I Die are known for their intensity onstage and frontman Keith Buckley is known for his wit and humor. During an interview prior to playing two insane shows at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, we asked the singer what he would like for Christmas. One of his answers was a common one, an item that many want this holiday, the other…not so much.

When we spoke to Buckley about his holiday wishes he humorously replied, “Well my holiday wish was a great interview and you’ve already made that come true. I’m totally kidding. I want an Xbox One. That’s it.”

He goes on to make his argument about why he wants the spiffy new game console, “I want the Xbox One more than some tropical vacation, yeah I’m a nerd. I think I just like the idea that I could talk to my television, considering I spend so much time with it. It would be nice to have a conversation, I would just tell it what to do and it does it.”

Buckley continues, “Me and my Xbox One that would be a vacation. Pretty soon it would be able to project an island in my living room and then I’ll just be on the beach or whatever. It’s really sad.”

“You know what else I want? In England if you buy a square foot of land, it’s really cheap because they’ll give it to you in the middle of the woods or something. If you buy a square foot of land you get a certificate and as a landowner you get a title of Lord” says Buckley.

The singer concludes, “So I would like to be a Lord and I would like a block of land in England. Then that title could go on my driver’s license. The piece of land is so small, what I could do on the land is I could put a post going up and build on top of that.”

It sounds like plans for a secret Xbox One treehouse. Well played, Lord Buckley.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley.