Buffalo metal band Every Time I Die have been racking up the miles on the road, and during a recently stop at the St. Vitus bar in New York City, we had the chance to chat with frontman Keith Buckley. The singer talked about life on the road, his first time seeing tour mates Letlive live and also his admiration and obsession with Converge. He also reveals that 2014 will be dedicated to working on a brand new album. Check out our interview with Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley below:

Is there a band you’d love to tour with that you haven’t hit the road with yet?

We’ve never toured with Converge. I always use this answer because I hope that they will see the interview and we’ll go on tour together. [Laughs] I don’t know why we never have. I just would love to because I feel like after all these years of being in a band, we’ve gone longer than most bands in the genre. It feels like we’re the old guards and I’d like to put that together, I think it would be good. The kids would love it.

It might be one of those things too where it’s already so late in the game that now you have to not do it just because you’ve gone this far without doing it. Like if you miss somebody’s birthday by two weeks, it’s already too late to send a card -- so you just don’t do it.

What did you think about your tourmates Letlive the first time you saw them live?

Jason [Butler] is crazy. He actually put his fist through a window and cut a nerve. The first time I saw them live I just thought it was fantastic. I was completely blown away. I remember it was Thanksgiving Day like four years ago and we had a day off and we wanted to get a show in Minneapolis, Milwaukee…one of the “M” places. [Laughs] They were on the bill and I was completely blown away. Jason was just going nuts and his voice was spectacular. We looked into them more and they had a record out at the time and started listening to them and getting back in touch with them.

You've been touring ‘Ex Lives’ and there's such a positive response to that album.

Thank you, we got off scot-free, these are the last shows of this touring cycle. Then we go home and start writing and working on the next one.

When you’re writing, do you draw any inspiration from other art forms?

Yeah, I watch a lot of movies. It’s in there subconsciously though, it’s not like I sit down and watch a movie with the intent of writing a record. Some ideas do get in there, if you’re not inspired by possibly everything around you then it would be very narrow and the topics you write about will be very restricted. I enjoy horror films a lot which seems to work well with this genre of music. I do like comedies, movies like ‘Cable Guy’ and ‘Royal Tenenbaums.’

Do you remember a specific show that you went to that left a lasting impact on you?

It was Converge, at a place in Buffalo called Mercury Theater. It was awesome. It was crazy and I remember seeing it and thinking, “This is what I want to do with my life. I want to be able to get people to react like this.”

So what does 2014 hold in store for you and the rest of Every Time I Die?

We’re going to have a new record for sure. For me personally, who knows, maybe a nice vacation? A nice tropical, all inclusive vacation to Jamaica or something that would be nice. I went with some friends to Europe which was great because I never get to do touristy things when we’re on tour over there so we went to Rome and Paris and did all the cool stuff. So that’s off the bucket list, maybe I’ll skydive? [Laughs]

What is one thing you must have on tour, no electronics.

I need a good book. It’s such a good way to kill a bunch of time.

What books have you read lately?

[Haruki Murakami's] 'IQ84.' It’s three books in one and I’m halfway through the first one.

You’re in New York, have you been to Strand Bookstore yet, it’s pretty massive.

I haven’t, those bookstores are a little depressing because I feel like I should be reading way more than I have. I can’t believe I haven’t read this before? I should have read this? What’s happening in this book? And also I can’t believe I haven’t written a book yet. That’s been my life goal, it just makes me feel like, “What am I doing to myself?” My goal since I was 11 years old, I wanted to write books and it just bums me out.

Do you think you will write a book one of these days?

I think eventually, maybe. I mean I don’t know. You can’t really write a book without an idea and I don’t want to write a book about my own life. I don’t care about it that much and I don’t think other people care about it. So if I get an idea I will.