Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley was forced to leave the band's tour last week after his wife's pregnancy developed complications. Buckley's wife and newborn daughter's lives were both in jeopardy, but Keith has since posted a photo of his new family. Meanwhile ETID have announced letlive's Jason Butler will provide vocals for the rest of their tour during the singer's absence.

Keith Buckley received the scare of his life on Nov. 30. Only seven months pregnant, his wife Lindsay developed a "rare and life threatening complication." Luckily, Every Time I Die were only two hours away from their home town of Buffalo, N.Y., so Keith was able to get to his wife's side fairly quickly.

Buckley shared an update from the hospital on Dec. 5, thanking Exalt singer Tyler Brand for filling in for the ETID singer after he had to rush back home:

I'm indebted to a lot of wonderful people for a lot of beautiful things lately but I need to take a moment to publicly thank Tyler Brand of Exalt and Jason Butler of Letlive for the sacrifices they are making in order to course correct ETID and keep them moving forward in my stead. my view from the outside this week has given me a new appreciation of the compassion inherent in the community where every time I die has proudly built a home- one where the strong are selflessly motivated to compensate for the weak- and I am humbled to a sacred place outside of words. to all those who go to the shows and support every time I die unflinchingly, your part in helping me keep my focus beyond the outermost limits of darkness is as fundamental as Tyler and Jason's. I am grateful for the things I have, particularly in the times when I have not. I hope to see you soon.

Just minutes later, Keith posted a photo of his wife holding their new daughter, Zuzana London Buckley:

her name is Zuzana London Buckley and this is what it looks like when love prevails. my heart is new again.

Posted by Keith Buckley on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Every Time I Die's run of dates will finish up with two hometown gigs on Dec. 20 and Dec. 21.