Life of Agony are back! The veteran metallers have announced a reunion after confirming in 2012 that they had split. The band recently revealed a one-off performance at the Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium on Aug. 8, but now they've added a few more festival dates where fans can see them this summer.

The group revealed to Loudwire exclusively that they've just joined Germany's Elb-Riot and X-Rockfest festivals, which both feature Machine Head leading the way. The Elb-Riot Festival will take place Saturday, Aug. 16 in Hamburg, Germany with the X-Rockfest Festival scheduled a day later (Aug. 17) in Herford, Germany. In addition, the band confirmed that there will be at least one more show, where they'll headline a still-to-be revealed festival on Saturday, Aug. 9.

These will be the first shows for the band since their lead singer Keith Caputo came out as transgender in 2011. Now going under the name Mina Caputo, the vocalist will front the classic 'River Runs Red' lineup that also features guitarist Joey Z., bassist Alan Robert and drummer Sal Abruscato.

Robert told Loudwire, "The response has been so amazing since we announced the Belgium date a few weeks ago that it just felt right to jump on a few more shows this summer. The whole band is super excited to head back to Europe and see all our friends. It's been way too long!"

Since their split, Mina Caputo released the solo album, 'As Much Truth As One Can Bear,' while Joey Z turned to producing albums for other artists. Robert, meanwhile, has become a successful horror graphic novelist, with his third release 'Killogy' taking home awards. Abruscato turned his attention to another band, A Pale Horse Named Death, as they released their sophomore set 'Lay My Soul to Waste' during the down time. To keep up with Life of Agony's reunion plans, check out their website here.