The hockey offseason might seem like an eternity to players who just can’t get enough of the game, but New York Rangers star Dan Boyle made the most of his time off by hitting the road with avant-garde rockers Faith No More for four tour dates over the summer. No he wasn’t just tagging along, he was a full-fledged roadie!

Some guys are just workaholics, and Boyle is one of them. In fact, he reached out to Faith No More, his favorite band, asking if he could roadie for the band for a string of dates. The band willingly accepted and Boyle set out to live another one of his dreams. The defenseman spent time with the band and the crew, performing a variety of roadie responsibilities like setting up the stage and distributing passes.

When asked about the roadie stint, Boyle told the New York Post, “As silly as it sounds, it was an amazing experience. [Being a roadie is] a thankless job, but an important job. It’s not that different from what [the Rangers’] trainers do for us!” The trek encompassed Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. For a hockey player who has spent 16 seasons in the NHL so far, this regimen shouldn't be anything too strenuous.

The Rangers defenseman is no stranger to his favorite band as singer Mike Patton and drummer Mike Bordin tweeted a picture with the hockey star confirming his signing with the New York based team in 2014. The Faith No More members were the first to break the news of the signing, giving an indication of the relationship between the band and Boyle.

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