When it comes to Faith No More, they're as reliable as a lifelong friend when creating awesome music videos. The boys have just released another gem, this time for "Sunny Side Up."

"Sunny Side Up" is the third track off Faith No More's 2015 album, Sol Invictus. The song's clip take us into an old folks home, where an elderly version of Faith No More are performing for some disinterested residents to compliment their crappy breakfast.

It's a typical scene at the retirement home, as disabled individuals blankly stare out windows, smoke cigars and gamble. Of course, Faith No More can make any crowd move, and eventually they get their geriatric crowd into "Sunny Side Up."

The kicker comes when one of the nurses decides to feed everyone sugar cubes laced with LSD. Suddenly, the black and white environment turns technicolor and the elderly revert back to the flower children they likely were back in the '60s.

Check out Faith No More's "Sunny Side Up" in the clip above!

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