The Faith No More reunion is forging onward with new music to boot. The group has just unleashed the track 'Motherf---er,' which marks their first new song since the band's final disc, 'Album of the Year,' was issued in 1997.

As you can hear in the stream which is posted at, the track is one that builds in intensity, with the pretty steady drum beat prominent throughout the track, while Mike Patton demands to get "the motherf---er on the phone."

Keyboardist Roddy Bottum says in a statement, "It feels apt that the first track we're releasing is 'Motherfucker,' a song about accountability. Basically we've created, recorded and mixed a new body of work by ourselves and we're releasing it on our own label. It's a huge deal for us to only have ourselves to answer to at this point in our career and the song is about that, where the buck stops via the basic imagery of foie gras production, bondage. . .y'know, stuff like that."

Bassist Billy Gould told Rolling Stone that he's producing the band's album and that they recorded the song at the band's Oakland-based rehearsal space. The song is being released via the group's own Reclamation Records imprint and can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

In addition, fans can look for a seven-inch single of 'Motherf---er' being issued on Record Store Day's Black Friday on Nov. 28. The limited-edition release will feature a B-side remix of the track done by J.G. Thirwell.

Faith No More are still at work on their upcoming album, which is expected to drop in April. The group will also be hitting the road in Japan, Australia and Europe during the first half of 2015. Dates for next year can be found here.

Listen to Faith No More's 'Motherf---er'