During Pantera's Knotfest Chile set, one fan breathed fire in the put as the band played the Vulgar Display of Power favorite "This Love," sending flames sky-high in a dangerous but cool stunt.

We've all heard the general rules of the mosh put before, right? If someone falls down you pick them up, don't be a sexual predator playing grab-ass when someone is crowd surfing, watch where you're swinging those elbows and always, always catch stage divers.

But not much has been said about the dos and don'ts of fire-breathing while surrounded by hundreds of other headbangers and for obvious reason — generally, it's going to be pretty difficult to sneak the necessary tools of the trade into a show. Also, who is even thinking about trying to pull this off?!

At least on daring fan had this bold idea and seemingly executed it without incident, as seen in the video clips further down the page.

This wasn't just some casual fire-breathing either — this fan actually synced up the first fireball perfectly as the crunching "This Love" chorus hit, while headbangers jumped up and down, fists held high in the air as they witnessed the mighty return of one of metal's greatest bands.

Fortunately for this fan, frontman Philip Anselmo had no condemnation to offer, unlike Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson who lashed out at a fan who lit a flare during a show in Greece over the summer.

Pantera will wind down 2022 without the services of Rex Brown on bass. He contracted COVID-19 before the band's two shows in Chile (one as part of Knotfest) and will sit out the last pair of gigs on Dec. 15 and 18, while Derek Engemann and Bobby Lundgraf share low end duties as fill-ins.

It's back out on the road for a world tour in 2023 and you can see all of the band's upcoming tour dates here. For tickets, head to this location.

Fan Breathes Fire During Pantera's Knotfest Chile Set

Pantera Setlist — Dec. 11, 2022 (Knotfest Chile - via setlist.fm)

01. "A New Level"
02. "Mouth for War"
03. "Strength Beyond Strength"
04. "Becoming"
05. "I'm Broken"
06. "5 Minutes Alone"
07. "This Love"
08. "Fucking Hostile"
09. "Planet Caravan" (Black Sabbath cover)
10. "Walk"
11. "Cowboys From Hell"
12. "Domination" / "Hollow"

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