The Internet continues to bring fans and bands closer together, especially during the pandemic. In fact, a father and son who routinely cover Clutch songs caught the attention of Clutch frontman Neil Fallon, who reached out to the family and now is appearing on an original track with the pair.

While introducing the new song "The Joy of Homeschooling," Fallon reveals that he was alerted to father Adam and son Tyler Pomerantz's covers and decided to check them out.

"They are on Twitter and I believe their handle is @Clutch2210. The father's name is Adam and the son's name is Tyler and Tyler I believe is 9-years-old. So I reached out to Adam and said, 'Well, why don't I just lay down some vocals on one of these Clutch covers you've been doing?' I figured it'd be fun and well, why not," says Fallon. "Adam got back to me and said, 'That's great. However Tyler has a bunch of original material.' To be honest, when I heard this I said, 'Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into here?'"

However the singer says his fears were dismissed once he heard what Tyler submitted. "I stood corrected," says Fallon. "Tyler knows how to write a mean riff. So here's an original song from Adam and Tyler and I wrote lyrics to it. The song is called 'The Joy of Homeschooling.'"

As you can hear, Tyler delivers not only a funky guitar riff, but lays down some killer bass giving Fallon a backdrop to provide a certain swagger in his delivery. Check out the song below.

You can see more of the father and son's covers at their Delco Detention YouTube page.

Tyler + Adam Pomerantz With Neil Fallon, "The Joy of Homeschooling"

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