On April 25, 2000, music audiences were introduced to 'Infest,' the breakout second album from Vacaville, Calif., rockers Papa Roach, thus spearheading what would be a very successful career. By the time the disc arrived in stores, fans were already catching on to the passion and the power that would follow as 'Last Resort' was laying the groundwork as the disc's lead single. As we reflect on the band's breakthrough effort, we ask you to tell us which Papa Roach 'Infest' song is your favorite.

Right off the bat, the band builds the tension with a flurry of Dave Buckner cymbal crashes and Jacoby Shaddix's wrapping on the title track. At that point, he was still going by Coby Dick and name-checked himself in the opening lyrics. Right behind that cut are the album's two biggest hits -- 'Last Resort,' a furious powerful track about the desperation in one's life and the struggle to go on, and 'Broken Home,' more of a straight-up rock song with Shaddix laying his troubled youth on display. 'Dead Cell' is a track that's remained a fan favorite, with guitarist Jerry Horton and bassist Tobin Esperance playing with passion. And 'Between Angels and Insects,' served as the album's third single, a sing-along rocker for sure.

The second half of the record begins with 'Blood Brothers,' a song driven by Horton's guitar work. 'Revenge' is rooted in the aggressive rock of the period, while Shaddix adds some extra swing to the verses. 'Snakes' has some extra bite of in-your-face aggression and 'Never Enough' finds an exasperated Shaddix laying his frustrations on the line. The 'Infest' album finishes on a rocking note with the hard-hitting 'Binge' and the tension-building track 'Thrown Away.'

Those eleven songs introduced Papa Roach to the world, threw them right into the fray of the rap-rock and nu-metal explosion and began what has been a very successful career so far. Now that you've had a recap of the full disc, it's time for you to make your favorite song known. Tell us your favorite Papa Roach song off the band's breakout 'Infest' album by voting in the poll below: