Tom Morello is one of the greatest and most innovative guitarists on the planet, as well as being one of the loudest political voices within the world of rock. Morello has been all over our news category as of late, from a quarrel with Rush Limbaugh, to praising guitarist Randy Rhoads and organizing a flash mob for the 'Occupy' movement at the SXSW festival.

The iconic axeman wrote the following gentlemanly note to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on March 8. "To Rush Limbaugh: Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show. Sincerely, Rage Against the Machine.

Morello's alter ego, the Nightwatchman, is currently planning to organize and take part in various pro-Occupy gatherings in Austin, Texas during SXSW. One of which includes starting a flash mob dance party in the venue before the Nightwatchman's set.

To celebrate Tom Morello's contribution to music and activism, we want to know which Rage Against the Machine song is your favorite. We've chosen 13 of the band's most legendary tracks and now we leave it up to you. Vote for your favorite RATM song in the poll below!