Staind are currently enjoying a break after a decade-plus of rocking through seven studio albums and countless hits which makes it the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on their body of work. Our Readers Poll asks you, the Staind fans, to let us know which of their singles is your favorite.

'Mudshovel,' a holdover from the band's 1996 album 'Tormented,' finally connected with audiences as part of 1998's 'Dysfunction' album. The disc also spawned the breakout hits 'Just Go' and 'Home.' 2001's 'Break the Cycle' album gave us the monster single, 'It's Been Awhile,' plus the live favorite 'Outside,' 'Fade,' 'For You' and 'Epiphany.' In 2003, Staind delivered '14 Shades of Grey.' 'Price to Play,' 'So Far Away' and 'How About You?' all garnered radio attention.

The band's fifth album, aptly titled 'Chapter V,' featured 'Right Here,' 'Falling' and 'Everything Changes.' 2008's 'The Illusion of Progress' cranked out 'Believe' and 'All I Want' and the group's self-titled 2011 effort gave us 'Not Again,' 'Eyes Wide Open,' 'Now' and 'Something to Remind You.'

That's twenty great songs that all have been released as singles over the years. Now that we've run down the tracks, it's your turn to let us know which song is your favorite. Make your voice heard by voting in the poll below: