Fear Factory are touring Europe in support of the 20th anniversary of their landmark release Demanufacture. On the drive to Munich, Germany, the industrial rock act was involved in a bus crash in the snow during the early hours of the morning. Though the tour bus is in considerably rough shape, the members of the band are all fine.

On Facebook, Fear Factory uploaded a picture of the damage described the accident, stating, "We just left Aschaffenburger, Germany heading our way to Munich and we were just involved in a bus crash. Everyone is OK just a little shaken up. It doesn't help when it's 4:30AM and snowing outside!" The windshield has been shattered and the passenger side of the bumper is mangled, but the wreckage is negligible considering what else could have happened.

Last week, Hinder and the Ghost Inside were both involved in serious bus accidents that saw several injured and two dead. The Hinder crash occurred in Cookeville, Tenn. as the group was on its way N.C. for the first night of their U.S. tour. As of the last update, the bus driver was in surgery and bassist Mike Rodden and the band's lighting guy both suffered broken ribs.

The Ghost Inside bus accident was even more horrific, leaving the drivers of the bus and the semi-truck the bus collided with dead. Crew and band members sustained serious injuries in the devastating crash in El Paso, Texas. While they are reluctant to reveal any personal details related to the extent of the injuries, bassist Jim Riley confirmed that the conditions of the injured parties are all improving.

Before the Fear Factory bus accident, the California act performed in Paris just eight days after the tragedy that took place in the capital city. To honor the victims who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks, the group, standing onstage shoulder to shoulder with their crew, asked for a moment of silence at the show, which can be seen in the video below.