Filter couldn’t get enough of New York City after just playing a show there in March. Only a few months later, they returned to the city that never sleeps for a rocking show at Irving Plaza (on July 12), and this time they brought along Fuel, Static Summer and Menew with them.

Menew started off the night with an impressive set. The Toronto based band have a Muse-y vibe with catchy tracks and great stage performance. It will be no surprise if this indie rock outfit headlines shows of their own in the near future.

New York City based band Static Summer was the second band up and performed a decent set, but Fuel was the act that really got fans going. Frontman and guitarist Brett Scallions sounded impeccable as he sang fan favorites such from their 16 song set list such as ‘Shimmer,’ Empty Spaces,’ Hemorrhage,’ ‘Bad Day,’ ‘Jesus or a Gun,’ ‘Bittersweet’ and numerous others.

A miniature mosh pit even broke out while the band performed ‘Ozone.’ Fuel also performed new tracks such as ‘Headache’ and ‘I Can See the Sun’ off of their forthcoming album, which will be their first in five years.

After Fuel performed, Filter fans came alive as the band kicked off their set with ‘Welcome to the Fold’ off their sophomore release ‘Title of Record.’ The band also had fans pumped when playing ‘No Love’ off their most recent record, ‘The Trouble With Angels.’

Richard Patrick and the rest of Filter looked and sounded incredible as they performed favorites such as ‘Trip Like I Do,’ ‘Take a Picture,’ ‘So I Quit’ and ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot.’ Their performance and stage presence were charismatic and they knew how to engage and connect with their fans.

Both Fuel and Filter’s sets had the ability to spark a feeling of nostalgia and youthful energy that pleased both old-school fans and newcomers.

Check Out Photos of Filter, Fuel, Static Summer and Menew

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