While Filter are working on their new album ‘Gurney and the Burning Books,’ which is due out later this year, they rocked New York City’s Gramercy Theater on March 8 as they played a variety of tunes spanning their musical career of well over 15 years. Support acts included Menew and Evan Russell Saffer.

Filter started their set with ‘Welcome to the Fold’ off their sophomore release ‘Title of Record.’ The band also had fans pumped when playing ‘Drug Boy’ and ‘No Love’ off their latest record ‘The Trouble With Angels.’

Frontman Richard Patrick called ‘Take My Picture’ their “summertime hit” and broke out his guitar and sang along with fans who went from energetically jumping to tranquilly swaying. As soon as the song started, couples (and some strangers) started making out with each other. The liplockers paused to belt out the lyrics “Hey dad what do you think about your son now?” The most impressive quality of Filter’s set was the band's ability to make fans feel such a wide variety of emotions and nostalgia with their songs.

It’s evident that Patrick has found the fountain of youth, as he looked and sounded impeccable. His performance and stage presence were equally captivating and the talented frontman engaged excited fans to the fullest.

If Filter weren't on the marquee, one might have thought supporting band Menew were headlining the show. The band exploded onto the stage and its vigor was completely irresistible. Sweat and passion were evident on stage and Menew appeared to gain new fans.

The group has a unique sound -- as if Muse, Coldplay and The Killers had a talented lovechild. Said lovechild is comprised of a trio of Canadian brothers: vocalist/guitarist Shade, piano/synthesizer player Key and drummer/backing vocalist Nathan Samuel. All of the members are extremely multi-talented. Menew have released their debut album ‘Wide Awake Hello’ and if all goes well they will be headlining shows of their own very soon.

Check out Photos of Filter and Menew at Gramercy Theater in N.Y.