Who needs a drink? It may be beer o'clock for some of you out there and if so, Finger Eleven have a new lyric video for you. The band is teaming with Loudwire to bring you the premiere of their clip for "Blackout Song" right here.

Keeping in the theme of the song, the imagery includes people in various states of drunkenness with their eyes protected by a black bar to protect their identity and to signify their current or future state of blackout. As we know, there are various states of being intoxicated, from the early sips to the outgoing and friendly nature to the three sheets to the wind passed out drunk, and you get to see photos of each while the lyrics play out across the screen.

As for the tune, singer Scott Anderson says, "I began thinking of all the wonderful and blurry moments I've shared with my friends. I was busy trying to figure out when we could all get together again. I was doing this when I should have been writing a song. So instead of bailing on my job, I decided to mentally put myself into the last time I never wanted the party to end. My hope is that people feel like singing this song with me when we play it live. I guess I'll find out pretty damn soon. Don't disappoint me, you guys! Or go ahead. I won't remember s--t."

"Blackout Song" is the latest single to come from the band's Five Crooked Lines album that was released in late July via Concord Music Group. The album, which also features the band's recent single "Wolves and Doors," is available via Amazon and iTunes.

Finger Eleven will be back on the road beginning Sept. 6 in Naperville, Ill. Dates can be found here.