It has been five years since Finger Eleven have released a new album, but the Canadian rockers have announced they'll unleash the disc Five Crooked Lines July 31. The first single is "Wolves and Doors," and you can check out the video for the song above.

“When we started the band, we just wanted to blow everyone away with force and power and MAKE them take notice of us,” says guitarist James Black. “We wanted this record to be that same kind of punch in the face. On our past couple albums, we’ve taken full advantage of the studio. We’ve had songs with hundreds of tracks, some with forty tracks of guitar alone. This time, we wanted to keep the songs so raw they sounded like they do in the rehearsal room.”

After drummer Rich Beddoe left the band in 2013, Finger Eleven needed someone for the new album. They went to Nashville to record with producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons), and that's also where they recruited Chris Powell.

“Instead of finding someone to come down to Nashville with us, we figured we could get a killer drummer there,” says guitarist Rick Jackett. “I mean, Nashville is home to some of the best session players. Dave called up Chris Powell, and within the first three hours of the first day it was happening. We knew right away that his drumming would elevate the entire record.”

As to what the album title Five Crooked Lines signifies, vocalist Scott Anderson says, “For me it’s symbolic of fortune and luck and how fragile those things are. In one instance you’ve got five crooked lines, which in one position is just a heap of bent sticks. But in the right way, they make a star, which is the most glorious shape there is.”

The album is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Those who pre-order get instant access to "Wolves and Doors" along with the song "Gods of Speed."

Finger Eleven have a lot of live shows planned in support of the new record. Their first date is June 13 at the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario. They have several July concerts with Three Days Grace, as well. For their complete schedule, go here.