Fit for a King are a band to keep an eye on. The group recently released their hard-hitting 'Slave to Nothing' album and they'll share stages this fall with Emmure, The Acacia Strain and others. Loudwire recently had a chance to chat with vocalist Ryan Kirby about their disc and the upcoming dates, so check out the interview below.

First of all, thank you for the interview and congrats on the new album. I'll start by asking if you had an idea of what you wanted 'Slave to Nothing' to be prior to recording and how close it came to your vision?

"Slave To Nothing" came out about exactly how we envisioned it. We wanted the album to have a lot more diversity musically than the last and a lot more personal lyrics. And we feel like we accomplished that.

This album definitely offers some variety, but one lyrical theme that keeps popping up in "addiction." Can you talk about what led you down this path creatively and how the group as a whole contributed to addressing these issues in song?

Over the course of touring and traveling the world, I noticed one common thing; everyone seems to be a slave to something. Whether it's money, sex, the pursuit of happiness, etc. To touch these subjects lyrically me and our bass player, Tuck, basically wrote about personal additions we had struggled with or ones we have observed loved ones struggle with.

'Young and Undeserving' is definitely a powerful song and the event that inspired it is something difficult to go through (or watch a friend go through). Is it difficult to put something so directly personal into song and share that with people or is it more of a cathartic process?

I would say it's a lot more cathartic than anything. It is almost like paying tribute to the lost loved one.

Another key track on the album is the title cut 'Slave to Nothing,' which features a guest appearance from Mattie Montgomery. Can you talk about Mattie and how he came to be on the song?

After doing the last For Today headliner and Warped Tour, which they were on too, we became very close with the For Today guys. So it felt like a no brainer to get Mattie on a track. And 'Slave to Nothing' has such a great message to get someone like Mattie to be a part of.

Since the last album, you've got a new member and a new voice in Ryan O'Leary. Can you talk about his addition to the band and what he brings to the group?

He got his chance to try out due to a mutual friend talking to us about him. Then he sent a tryout track and we knew it was the guy. Between the lyrics and the voice, we loved it. And on the new album we let him have free reign on his singing parts and lyrics for those parts. So he brings a lot of unique experiences to our lyrical content.

With the new album out, can you talk about which songs you're most enjoying getting into the sets live? What makes those songs stand out to you about how they come across to the crowds?

'Slave to Nothing' has definitely caught on the quickest with crowds. They are already piling up for the breakdown lines and screaming the lyrics along. And when playing the new songs live, I can feel that they are much more mature and flow better than older stuff.

The touring just keeps going for the band. There's another trek featuring Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Stray From the Path and Kublai Khan on the horizon. What are your thoughts on the bands you'll be touring with? Past relationships with any of the groups?

We are very close with Kublai Khan and Stray From the Path, so it's always exciting to hang out on the road with them again. And Emmure and Acacia Strain put on insane live shows, so I'll have a lot to learn about how they get the crowd going.

What else is on the horizon for Fit for a King?

Lots and lots of touring!

Our thanks to Fit for a King frontman Ryan Kirby for the interview. The 'Slave to Nothing' album is currently available at Amazon and iTunes. And check out their upcoming run of tour dates at this location.

Check Out Fit for a King's 'Slave to Nothing' Video