Fit for an Autopsy have shared the second single from their upcoming sixth studio album, Oh What the Future Holds, which will arrive in full in January 2022. The song is called "Pandora," and its unrelenting ferocity is tempered only by its underlying melody.

Fit for an Autopsy includes in-demand metal producer Will Putney and roadside good samaritan Patrick Sheridan as guitarists. Vocalist Joseph Badolato, guitarist Timothy Howley, bassist Peter Blue Spinazola and drummer Josean Orta Martinez complete the deathcore act.

Watch the music video for "Pandora" down toward the bottom of this post, right after the lyrics for the track.

Fit for an Autopsy say, "This is one of our favorite new songs, as it touches on a lot of our influences all at once and represents a collective of our musical tastes. Lyrically, it describes the inevitable path to environmental destruction via the mechanisms we've permitted to control society. It's not an unfamiliar topic for FFAA, but an important one nonetheless and one we will continue to write about."

The video, directed by Max Moore, "paints this theme in a symbolic way, with the relationship between the characters acting as a parallel to our relationship with the earth," the band continues. "A world driven by extinction only ends in extinction. Thanks for listening."

Oh What The Future Holds is out Jan. 14. The album's lead single, "Far From Heaven," emerged last month.

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Fit for an Autopsy, "Pandora" Lyrics

Open Pandora, open Pandora

Violent twitching towards the closing void
Through a maze of tortured pines
Where life withers as one
Broken kin, broken kind

All who tread through the oil-soaked sea
Deserve the fate of the sinking sky
Our time here is not long
Broken kin, broken kind

Hide your hells in the dirt
Where the dead define you
Hide your hells here on earth
Where death will find you

The curse of coercion
Two sides of a horrid mask
Distorted dependence
Loyalists to the falsest flags
Wet work on the wasteland
White washing the rubble
It's never 'too many graves'
It's always 'not enough shovels'

Stand in the eye of the storm
All is calm but then comes the killing

Too many graves
Not enough shovels
It's never "too many graves"
It's always "not enough shovels"

Turbines shriek
In smokestack sermons
True call to nature
The mortal burden

The mother sleeps
In the blood of the future
The dead define you
Now death will find you

A world driven by extinction
Only ends in extinction

Fit for an Autopsy, "Pandora" Music Video

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