The Share the Welt Tour is one of the most hard hitting shows this year and New York City fans got a taste of Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Hatebreed and RAINS when they played The Best Buy Theater on Nov. 23.

With their explosive new album ‘American Capitalist,’ Five Finger Death Punch gave an exhilarating performance. The energy of frontman Ivan Moody and the rest of the band was infectious. Moody sounded impeccable as he belted out a great set list that included a wide variety of tunes such as ‘Under and Over It,’ ‘Hard To See,’The Bleeding,’ ’Way of the Fist’ and ‘Bad Company’ just to name a few.

Moody grabbed the hands of various crowd surfers and even sang to a few. He also engaged in some sports talk with fans and brought a few of the younger concert-goers on stage to introduce them as “the future of heavy metal.” The band’s chemistry is undeniable and so is their rabid fanbase.

All That Remains took the stage and showed off their charismatic stage presence. As forceful as they are, frontman Phil Labonte also delivered some fantastic melodies. The band had an exciting set and it’s evident that when they’re on stage, they are there to have a damn good time. The crowd and Labonte alike performed fan favorites ‘This Calling,’ ‘Hold On,’ ‘Six,’ ‘Two Weeks’ and many more.

Hatebreed had one of the most vigorous sets of the night. Jamey Jasta proved why he is one of the most mesmerizing frontmen to watch, he had complete control of the stage and the crowd. With the entire general admission section turning into one giant mosh pit, the sweat and blood stained faces of fans were just as forceful on the floor as Hatebreed was on stage. The band performed anthems such as ‘As Diehard As They Come,’ ‘I Will Be Heard,’ ‘In Ashes They Shall Reap,’ and ‘Live For This’ among others.

Hailing from Fort Wayne, Ind., rock band RAINS opened up the show with a compelling set as they performed songs from their new album ‘Stories.’ Although not as heavy as the rest of the bands on the line-up they are just as talented. These underdogs faced a tough New York City crowd, as they opened up for Hatebreed which is a challenging spot to be in for any band out there. To say the least, RAINS took fans by the horns and although there weren’t massive amounts of mosh pits or crowd surfing, they definitely rocked some ears off.

The Share the Welt Tour wraps up on Dec. 18 in Chicago Ill, for a full list of dates go here.

Check out Photos of the Share the Welt Tour’s Stop in New York City: