Five Finger Death Punch had to cut short their performance in Worcester, Mass. Friday night (Nov. 25) after receiving some truly sad news during the show. An emotional Ivan Moody revealed to the audience (in the iRockRadio video shot above) that his "mother" was "passing along today," before leaving the stage with bassist Chris Kael later addressing the crowd.

However, it was later revealed that Moody was actually referring to another member of his extended family who had gotten very sick but had not died as of yet. An emotional Moody was led off the stage before Kael addressed the crowd. In the video below the bassist states, "As you can see, tonight is a very emotional night. We came out here ... we tried to put on a show for you guys, but sometimes things are heavier than even we can imagine, so on behalf of Five Finger Death Punch, all of us, we appreciate you guys coming out. We need to get back there and be with our frontman, we've gotta get back there with our brother. Take care of the family, alright? We love you, Worcester."

During the night, Kael stepped in on a couple of occasions for Moody, singing "Never Enough" and "Got Your Six." The band managed to play eight songs before closing down their show at the DCU Center.

While the situation necessitated the shortening of their set in Worcester, Kael confirmed that the band intends on continuing their tour. Dates for the run can be found here.

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