The year has been a tumultuous one for heavyweight rockers Five Finger Death Punch, but this "Battle Born" act has weathered the storm of a record label dispute and Ivan Moody's struggle with alcohol dependence. Looking forward, the band has already hit the studio to work on their next album and guitarist Jason Hook has said it's "probably about half done."

"We're workaholics," Hook added in an interview with Team Rock at the Heavy MTL festival (audio below). "We went right back in the studio. Every time we talk about taking a break it just doesn't feel right. Sitting around it just feels like we could be doing something." Giving a reason behind this, the axeman continued, "We're always concerned that we might lose momentum or that people will stop caring. I think we're overachievers by nature."

Discussing that the band is always keeping an eye on Moody (they've even removed alcohol from their tour rider), Hook detailed how everyone operates on their own schedules or "different speeds," saying the singer "likes to get up and work from 6PM to 5AM" and that "everybody's different and you have to allow them to be themselves and do what they do best when they are comfortable." Stating how Moody comes into the studio when he's ready, the guitarist noted, "He's better than ever right now, he's been great."

Before releasing a studio record with future label home Rise Records, Five Finger Death Punch will have to fulfill their contractual obligation with Prospect Park, the label they infamously split with following a messy and very public discord.

In late June, Hook occupied downtime with the band by landing an acting role in the upcoming film Z, which chronicles the infamous Zodiac killer. The guitarist was cast as an FBI agent and laughed, "I managed to get through my scene without screwing it up!"

Catch Five Finger Death Punch on tour this September as they make a run through Canada or when they return for a stateside co-headlining jaunt with Shinedown in October and November. More information about both tours can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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