With Five Finger Death Punch in between tours at the moment, guitarist Jason Hook recently took some time out to take on an acting gig. Hook landed a role in the upcoming movie, Z, about the Zodiac Killer and he's posted some photos from the set.

The guitarist is all cleaned up for the role, taking on the part of an FBI agent for the feature. The film also features actor Shane West and actress Leslie Bibb, though little is known about the movie that appears to be in the early stages of filming.

"Took a bit of a departure today, acting in my first film for Sony Pictures called Z about the Zodiac killer (40 years after the original murders)," stated Hook in one posting. "Played the part of an FBI agent. Shot on location in Ottawa, Ontario. I managed to get through my scene without screwing it up! LOL! Back to Vegas in the morning to continue recording with the guys." Check out the photo below.

A second photo shows Hook posing with Bibb, West and the film's director Jonni Wright. Check out that shot below.

Despite it being Hook's first acting gig, he has appeared as himself in the 2016 documentary Hired Gun. As stated, Hook is currently working with the other members of Five Finger Death Punch on their next album. They also have an upcoming tour with Papa Roach in Canada. Dates can be found by clicking the red button at the bottom of this post.

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