Did you know that Five Finger Death Punch found their new drummer on Instagram? Charlie Engen started performing with the rockers last year, filling in for founding member Jeremy Spencer after his December 2018 exit from the group he formed alongside guitarist Zoltan Bathory in 2005.

Interestingly, they found the new percussionist by way of his performance clips on the ever-present photo and video-sharing service, 5FDP revealed in a vid shared Wednesday (June 5)—their seventh and latest recording update as the band begin a new album, the follow-up to 2018's And Justice For None. In fact, it was Spencer himself who identified the replacement.

Watch the video toward the bottom of this post.

"When Jeremy told us that he was thinking about hanging it up—he had gone through a couple of different surgeries and really thought that he wasn't gonna be able to play drums up to his standards—we understood," guitarist Jason Hook explained. "'But the good news is I found a guy,' he said. 'Well, it's this fella on Instagram named Charlie.'"

Bathory added his own two cents to the drummer's introduction. The guitarist recalled being already familiar with Engen's drumming skills, having followed the musician on social media before he even joined the outfit.

"He's an unbelievable drummer," Bathory said. "The funny thing was that Jeremy kind of found him. But I followed him, so when he said who it is, I'm like, 'Oh yeah, that kid is fucking amazing!' So I already thought about him, so that was pretty cool. So I guess you could say that Jeremy handed down the torch. Almost a fairy tale, without fairies."

For now, it appears that Engen may be considered a touring and recording member of Five Finder Death Punch only, rather than a full-fledged member of the unit. But that doesn't mean he won't contribute to the upcoming nastiness the band have in store for album No. 8, as Bathory described in a previous update.

"Holy shit, it's nasty," Bathory said after the band's fifth day in the studio, in a clip shared last month. "Nasty riffs; the vocals are great. Kind of like War Is the Answer, Way of the Fist a little bit. For some reason, the music is kind of shifting back to that heavier side. I'm really curious to see how this is going to turn out, wow."

The band's new album is expected later this year or early next.

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