Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael had "gotten to a real dark place" before achieving sobriety last year. But now that he has a sober partner in bandmate and lead vocalist Ivan Moody, the group are in a better place altogether as they record their upcoming album. In fact, Kael revealed the rockers have already written and recorded "three monsters" of tunes for the follow-up to And Justice for None.

The musician said as much in an interview with "Andy's Hall Pass" on Des Moines, Iowa's Lazer 103.3 last month (July 23). Listen to the full interview down toward the bottom of this post.

"Ivan and I, both of us, have leaned on each other a lot during sobriety and have kind of been pillars for one another," Kael explained. "There were many times back in the day that we were ready to throw down, mouths running, alcohol in there, just angry. But now, I'd have to say he's probably my best friend out here on the road. We've definitely been good for each other here in sobriety. It's a whole different vibe than what it used to be."

That togetherness has lent itself to creativity in the studio, the bassist demonstrated. Kale went over the band's current recording and touring timeline while divulging that three "beasts" of new Five Finger Death Punch songs have already been completed. The band entered the studio earlier this year to start work on the new album.

"We just got out of a session in the studio in June," the musician said. "This tour that we're on now is kind of a break in between studio sessions, so we go back in August once we get back to Vegas again. We're writing some great stuff in there. We're in the best mindset that we've ever been in, collectively, as a band."

He continued, "Early on in this cycle right now with the recording process, we have got three monsters that we've written and recorded in the studio. Having these three huge beasts in the can already, excited about playing out here live and getting back into the studio, I can only imagine what the rest of the record is going to be like."

Five Finger Death Punch hit the road this fall with Three Days Grace, Bad Wolves and Fire From the Gods for a U.S. tour that takes the killer lineup of acts across the country and back. Get ticketing info here.

Five Finger Death Punch's Chris Kael Speaks With Lazer 103.3's 'Andy's Hall Pass'

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