Five Finger Death Punch manage to honor and mock the rock-star lifestyle in their new video for 'Under and Over It.' Even if you're not a fan of the band, the video will surely entice viewers with an array of excesses that would even make Motley Crue proud.

The video, which premiered today on ARTISTdirect, starts with the band being interrupted by the "director," who begins to chastise the band for not showing enough energy, only to be slapped by Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody. The rest of the video feels like a three day bender as the band drives fast cars and parties with hot chicks.

The clip features the band at a pool party with your typical scantily clad music video girls and at a club throwing money around with "I'm a rockstar so get out of my way" transitions filling the purposely cliche video. Guitarist Jason Hook, who we recently interviewed, is also depicted playing a solo in a fountain with girls tackling him.

"We wanted to hit a pretty sarcastic tone with it, so it looks like a typical big cock rock video, but in a tongue-in-cheek way," Moody tells ARTISTdirect. "We put all the “big-time video” cliches in it."

The final scene for 'Under and Over It' shows the band partying in a private jet with a passed out captain. The plane starts heading straight into a mountain, but we'll let you watch the clip below to see how it ends.

'Under and Over It' is the first single from 5FDP's newest effort, 'American Capitalist' which drops Oct. 11.

Watch the Five Finger Death Punch 'Under and Over It' Video (courtesy of ARTISTdirect)