Fleshgod Apocalypse have been amped for the impending release of the fourth studio effort, King, which will see a Feb. 5 release via Nuclear Blast. Having already unleashed the furious cut, "The Fool," the Italian quintet have offered a counter to the breakneck pace of the aforementioned single with "Gravity." Featuring stomping, ominous rhythms, the pure heaviness of the song couldn't have a better title, feeling the tug of Earth's natural forces at work, keeping the track from flying off at a dizzying pace.

In the past, Fleshgod Apocalypse have married bombastic symphonic elements to their death metal stylings, almost overwhelming the listener with an amalgam of influences. Here, they have crafted well-timed and balanced aspects from their heavy classical leanings, falling more in line with bands like Septicflesh and the lesser-known Russian outfit Scrambled Defuncts. "Gravity" immediately evokes a feeling of imminent doom with it's lofty, slugging march backed by foreboding orchestration.

Bellowing horns weave their way around the track as frontman Tommaso Riccardi's bowel-scraping death growls spew their scornful venom. Sharp trills and fluttery piano work create a diverse tapestry, forging beauty with brawn at times, but never enough to pull the listener out of the hellish mire "Gravity" resides in.

In support of King, Fleshgod will be hitting the road with two bands who share similar values in incorporating symphonic elements into their extreme metal sound. Carach Angren will be providing direct support with their engaging live show as U.S. black metal stalwarts Abigail Williams open each night. For a full list of tour dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

Pre-orders for King can be placed at Nuclear Blast's webshop.

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