It's hard to imagine Foo Fighters ever breaking up, especially when everything they do seems to be nothing but a smash success, including the band's highly-anticipated Studio 666 horror movie. But, one time, the group thought about executing a publicity stunt that included staging a nasty breakup and a "reunion" tour.

Frontman Dave Grohl revealed this scheme, which never made it to the finish line, in a new interview with The Sun. The anecdote was spurred by chatter about alt-pop act Coldplay, who are said to be planning their final two albums. Contemplating the end of your own band's career in this fashion is not something the rocker was able to easily wrap his head around and he advised, "I've got one piece of advice, a lesson for every band in the world: Don't say you're going to break up. If you're going to break up, just break up. And if you break up — stay broken up."

Unless you're faking a pre-meditated breakup and reunion, of course.

Grohl then recalled, "I had a ridiculous idea a few years ago that before the release of one of our records we would each write a biography in which we would each talk shit about the other members. They’d all come out the same day and then we’d have a press conference saying that after reading each other’s books we’d decided we all hated each other and were breaking up."

"And then the idea was a couple of weeks later we’d announce The Reunion Tour just for a joke," he continued. "We didn’t do it, but I thought it was a funny plan."

Today (Feb. 25) also marks the box office opening of Studio 666, the comedy horror that has received a wide range of reviews on critic/review website Rotten Tomatoes. Now, we're just waiting for Grohl's movie companion metal album under the moniker Dream Widow to drop.

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