Loudwire just posted a new list of "Good Guy Grohl" moments this past week (seen below), but it looks like we might just have another instance to add. During a recent show in Hamburg, Germany, the Foo Fighters vocalist spotted a fan who had painted an impressive portrait of the musician and invited him up onstage.

As can be seen in the clip above, the band plays music in the background while Grohl allows the young man to present him with the portrait. The fan addressed the crowd stating, "I just want to tell you guys I've dreamed of this moment a very, very long time, and you think it never comes true, but this time it came true."

After a hug, the singer then asks the fan if he has a pen and the guy gets a little emotional. Eventually, Grohl is given a sharpie, signs the painting and directs the fan to the side of the stage. He then tells the audience, "This one goes out to the crazy motherf---er with the picture. It's a love song," before the group launches into "Big Me" from their debut disc.

There have been countless stories of Grohl's generosity over the years, so this should come as little surprise, but it still remains a very touching moment. Just last fall, Grohl revealed in an interview that late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was the musician that inspired his attitude toward fans and peers alike.

He recalled a show where Foo Fighters played a festival and had to go on after Pantera. He was sure the band wouldn't be accepted by what was definitely a heavier audience. Grohl explained, "We played, and I looked to the side. The guys from Pantera are watching us and singing the lyrics to our songs. Afterwards we made friends with Pantera. I was nervous and scared; I didn’t think I fit in. But they were so open to us. That backstage hospitality we try to have – it all came from Pantera. Dimebag Darrell was the nicest f–king guy in the world. He could walk in and do a shot of Crown Royal with Justin Bieber, with Rick Nielsen, with James Brown -- he was everybody’s best friend. And you could feel that energy when he was playing."

Grohl went on to add, "After that day, I was like, ‘From now on, everybody’s allowed in this room. I don’t care if it’s Britney Spears.’ I became the backstage best friend. Whenever I showed up at a festival, the first thing I’d do is grab a bottle of whiskey and go knocking on doors to see who the funniest people are. You’d be surprised who the real f--king nutcases are.

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