Even the biggest of bands can suffer the occasional glitch in their show, but Foo Fighters fans made lemonade out of lemons at the recent show in Bogota, Colombia, when the band's speakers went out.

The group was in the midst of performing 'My Hero' when all of a sudden Dave Grohl's vocals dropped out shortly followed by the band's instruments, as well. But that didn't necessarily stop the song as fans quickly picked up the problem and began singing along as you can see in the fan-shot video above.

Grohl then led different sections of the audience in a sing-along of the chorus with fans being able to pick up on the queues from the big screen focused in on the singer. Eventually, the speakers came back on with the group being able to finish out the track.

"If those speakers don't f---in' work, it doesn't matter cause we can f---in' sing together because you guys have a pretty f---in' beautiful voice," said Grohl to the crowd. He then directed the fans not to sing along at the end as he sang in honor of them.

The show was the final date of their tour in South America, but the band has plenty more performances on the horizon this year. Check out their tour schedule at this location.

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