We’ve teamed up with Fozzy to bring you the exclusive video premiere for “Painless.” After the massive success of “Judas,” Chris Jericho and the boys are ready to give you the video’s sequel, and just like “Judas,” the clip for “Painless” was recorded in just one take.

Almost 20 years into their career, Fozzy hit a new high with “Judas,” which has become the band’s biggest hit by far. Interest in Fozzy and concert attendance for the band is at an all-time high, so Fozzy decided to keep the buzz going with a new video for “Painless.”

“I had this idea of two dimensions coexisting, almost like The Shining when Jack Torrence starts to lose it. He’s in the bar and there’s ghosts, but he’s real, but he’s kind of in both dimensions, but he’s not,” says Jericho. “That’s what the ‘Judas’ idea was with the clowns and the chicks and the little person and the guy on fire — they never interact with the band. In [‘Painless’] everybody in the band is in the other dimension except for me, I’m the only sole survivor in the real world now. Not to get too esoteric — it’s a great fucking rock and roll song, too.”

The chorus for “Painless” is one of Jericho’s favorites to sing, especially its first line. “‘Killing me one breath at a time’ is one of my favorite lyrics on the record. It’s based around a bad relationship and somebody’s just numbing you to the pain, almost like if you get bit by a black widow and it numbs you as it kills you,” the vocalist raves. “I just love that, like every breath I take is one closer to death when I’m with you.”

As for rock and wrestling’s biggest workaholic, Jericho is always open to tackling new projects, but only if they’re truly special. “I’ll try anything if it’s interesting to me. If it’s not interesting to me, there’s no amount of money to get me to do it,” Jericho explains. “There’s a lot of cool projects that come my way, it’s a pretty cool time for me. I want to be my own boss and call my own shots. It gives you a real sense of fearlessness to try all these different things. No one ever thought [Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega] was ever going to happen — that’s why I liked the concept of it in the first place. It was almost like a Mayweather vs. McGregor type thing where you have guys from completely different worlds that are colliding. It was one of the coolest things of my career.”

Check out the world premiere of Fozzy’s “Painless” video above. Fozzy are planning to be on tour for much of 2017, so click here for their full list of dates. Of course, if you haven’t grabbed a copy of the Judas album, you can get it here.

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