Merely eight days before My Chemical Romance reunited, we were celebrating the 13th anniversary of The Black Parade, and—par for the course—Loudwire readers were totally split on whether they were worthy of our attention.

Then, a surprising voice raised to defend them from the Instagram maelstrom. It was Gary Holt, legendary member of Exodus and Slayer dropping this bomb: "[It’s] one of my all time favorite records. Seriously. Fact. It’s a masterpiece."

Naturally, we had to reach out to Holt about it, and he agreed to tell us just why MCR’s The Black Parade wins his praise.

So, here you have it. If a dude from FUCKIN' SLAYER can give My Chemical Romance a chance then what’s your problem, mate?

You said The Black Parade is one of your favorite records of all time and “a masterpiece.” What gives it the honor of being one of your favorites? Can you pinpoint what makes it a “masterpiece” in your eyes?

I think every song is amazing, it’s super ambitious, and I hear shade of Queen, Pink Floyd and Cheap Trick all over it.

What initially drew you to MCR’s music?

My daughter! [Laughs.] She introduced me to it. She’s played a lot of stuff that I thought was killer.

Have you ever met the band? Do you know they are fans of Slayer? (Vocalist Gerard Way has, in fact, been wearing a Slayer shirt nonstop over the past year!)

Have never met them no. And cool if he’s into the band!

Which are the best MCR guitar songs or parts? What are your thoughts on Frank Iero and Ray Toro’s playing styles?

Love their guitar work, killer tones and great chops. Too much great stuff on The Black Parade to single out, but my favorite song is "The Sharpest Lives."

What makes it your favorite?

The chorus. It’s a killer.

How are you feeling about their newly announced comeback show?

I’m trying to score tickets for my kid! [Laughs.] I think it’s cool. I have not [seen them live]. I don’t think she has either.

It’s something of a running joke on our social media that hard rock and metal fans are always disgusted and annoyed when we post about My Chemical Romance. Why do you think MCR evokes those types of feelings from the metal community?

I don’t have an answer for that. Tastes are an individual thing. I like some off-the-wall shit myself. I’m not closed off to different music, but I don’t like everything—same as anyone else.

To the people who are closed minded about MCR: Why should they give them a chance?

Not because I like them, that’s for sure! But they write killer songs and perform the hell out of them.

Thanks to Gary Holt for his offering his unabashed thoughts on one of rock's greatest albums ever. Catch Slayer on their final tour at these dates and follow Gary Holt on Instagram.

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