Gene Hoglan has been an MVP in every band he's been in, most notably TestamentDeath and Dark Angel. Gojira's Mario Duplantier is an absolute BEAST behind a drum kit, but he was no match for the one-and-only 'Atomic Clock' in Round 1. Hoglan can play anything on Earth, and his skills have parlayed into a Round 2 advancement against another precise technician.

Former Dream Theater and current Winery Dogs drummer Mike Portnoy made short work of Cynic / Death stickman Sean Reinert. The Cynic legend deserves nothing but the utmost respect for his compositional and technical skills, but Portnoy was just too much to compete with in this competition. Portnoy advances to face Gene Hoglan in what should be an incredibly intriguing match.

Gene Hoglan vs. Mike Portnoy? Cast your vote for the Greatest Metal Drummer in the poll below! Voting for this round closes on Monday, Sept. 2 at 11:59PM ET. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal musician wins!

Skin Bashers Division Round 2
Technical Masters Division Round 2