Many would say last night's Super Bowl was a thrashing. However, no play executed on that field compares to the beatdown that personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino will inflict in a court of law. The Georgia-based attorney bought out a full two minutes of Super Bowl commercial time so locals could witness how bad ass he is -- using metal music to hammer the point home.

This dude is the Chuck Norris of personal injury attorneys. Unless you happen to live in the Georgia area, the commercial for Jamie Casino's practice didn't grace your television screens, but it's truly too great to pass up.

Apparently, Jamie Casino has dabbled with incredible ads before, one of which showcases the lawyer throwing down a sledgehammer while another depicts gold doubloons majestically falling from Casino's hand.

In this newest commercial, Casino claims to have been a "notorious criminal defense lawyer who was employed by some of the most cold-hearted villains." However, Casino experienced a change of heart after his little brother and his friend were killed. This led to the attorney's Batman-like transformation, Casino now dedicating his life to save the good people of Savannah.

The commercial somehow becomes even more dramatic, while the heavy metal track 'Devil Gets Your Soul' by Nick Nolan shreds a soundscape around Jamie Casino. The lawyer proceeds to smash a tombstone with a sledgehammer before walking off towards an effing inferno, which reads 'Casino's Law.'

Can you truly describe the spirit of a Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme film through words alone? No. So to fully appreciate the Jamie Casino experience, check out his Super Bowl ad above!