By now, even the most casual rock fans are aware of Ghost. The Swedish collective started out a decade ago as an underground band with a built-in mythology and storyline and a hardcore fanbase. But they're clearly aiming at getting a larger audience with their new single, "Rats," which is starting to get radio play. As the man-behind-the-band, Tobias Forge recently told Loudwire, "It's supposed to feel like that sort of opening track. A song that could get 80,000 people to jump. If you ever want to play bigger places, you need to have records that sound like you're playing in big places."

So, if you haven't been paying attention to the band and you're just getting turned on to them now, Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez is giving a brief explainer in her video series, The Weekly Riff. The band's mythology is pretty deep, so prepare to take notes.  And, as Toni says, "If you already know their story, this is not the video for you. But please check back next week!"

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