Swedish cult metal band Ghost (Ghost B.C.) have teamed up with Vice to create the documentary-style web series 'Papaganda.' Episode One of the series was posted yesterday (Sept. 11) and the video explores Ghost's past, present and future lineage of vocalists. Oh yeah, and the flick features the first-ever interview with singer Papa Emeritus II without makeup … sort of.

Ghost is arguably the breakout metal act of 2013. Along with releasing their excellent sophomore album, 'Infestissumam,' which we gave five stars, the Swedish group have toured heavily as headliners and are slated to support Iron Maiden, Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold and Deftones later this year on multiple tours.

Papa Emeritus II sat down for an "unmasked" interview with Vice's Noisey music site, addressing fans in his native Italian tongue. "When time was up for the first guy, they wanted to find a successor in-house," begins the singer. "Me, being one of the ministry, obviously, rose to the opportunity. Not only because of the carnal rewards of all this, but also because I happen to love a hard-rocking sexy beat. Besides being a ladies man, I am first and foremost a singer and entertainer of sorts enjoying my golden years. I'm like refined wine."

"He's a miserable, old, wounded, bitter man," says A Nameless Ghoul. "Papa is from the same bloodline as Leonard Cohen and Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, all the Vincent Price's and Don Corleone's."

'Papaganda' is a must-see for Ghost fans, so be sure to check out the first episode of the series above!