Last week, Ghost debuted two new songs inspired by music from the 1960s. On Sept. 13, live from Bakersfield, Calif., Ghost performed both “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross” for the first time.

Ghost’s new tracks represent the first time the cult band has gone backwards in its lineage. Starting with Opus Eponymous as a ‘70s occult metal act, Ghost eventually made their way into the ‘80s with Prequelle. Though Cardinal Copia now sings “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross” live, Ghost’s YouTube series reveals Papa Nihil as the original singer for both tracks.

Ghost performed “Mary on a Cross” early in their set, in between “Faith” and “Devil Church / Cirice,” while saving “Kiss the Go-Goat” for one of their final songs, placed between “Mummy Dust” and “Dance Macabre.” Watch both performances below.

Speaking of ’60s music, Ghost’s Tobias Forge recently spoke about the impact Alice Cooper had on the band. "What is shock-rock without Alice Cooper?" Forge begins. "I lack the proper words to fully explain how extremely vital he has been for the whole genre of rock and roll, really. But also speaking from a context where I guess we are also a theatrical shock-rock band, we wouldn't have been here had it not been for Alice Cooper."

Ghost are currently touring North America with support from Nothing More. Grab your concert tickets here.

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